#FallingInLoveOhLou with @ThePinkApartment

"There is so much power in documenting and taking control of your narrative. Through the #FallingInLoveOhLou series, the goal is to highlight the journey of one's relationship with love and create a space that helps people feel comfortable celebrating themselves. I'm taking a step behind the camera to encourage a dialogue about how we see ourselves and fall in love with being alive." 

Today, we're #FallingInLoveOhLou with Denise of @ThePinkApartment on IG and Youtube she is wearing the Laine Blouse in Black and Ivory.



F: Describe Love in Three Words.

D: Warm. Intoxicating. Comfortable


F: How do you celebrate yourself daily?

D: I struggle with anxiety and I’ve found that taking the time to think about a few things I’m thankful for really helps. I celebrate myself by praying and giving gratitude to the universe and God for all the good (and bad) things that have happened to me. It helps my mental health by allowing me to stay grounded and not overly consumed with trivial nonsense.

F: What advice would you give your younger self knowing what you know now?

D: I would tell my younger self it’s okay to want to change something you’re unhappy with but realize that it won’t make you feel better overall. Self-love is a life long relationship with your mind & body, and without nourishing both of them you’ll always chase this unhealthy idea of “perfection”....Also, 99% of images you see on tv and online are photoshopped and those people don’t even look like themselves, so don’t be so hard on yourself because you’re uniquely beautiful.
Thank you so much for sharing your story Denise!


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