Party of One Collection (spring 2019)

The idea of being a party of one started out as a self portrait project that I did in 2016. I reapproached those self portraits in 2018 with a new perspective and used it as my visual reference point. Being a party of one is the process of learning how to celebrate yourself on a daily basis and celebrate those around you. I started to look at how I could use fashion as a way to capture the essence of joy and celebrate personal identity. By deconstructing the notion of celebration as a special occasion and treating it more like a routine, I hope to remind others that they are worth celebrating every day--even if you're just a party of one.


Runway: (Spring Studios, Soho, NY. May 9, 2019. Runway Images by Fernando Colon)

Lookbook: Model: Aziza Frank, Make Up: Feyi Quadri, Set Design: Lola Quadri Photography: Feranmi Quadri

Nike Women's World Cup (summer 2019)

Growing up influenced by both Nigerian and American culture, I saw how color can be used in a powerful way to highlight an individual's presence and show personality.  I wanted to emphasize the strength of United States patriotic colors while presenting this classic trio in a fun way. I learned how Nike's innovations in fit allowed teams to play with confidence and loved that this was the first time that each women's team had their own kit. To me, the idea of playing confidently is all about recognizing the power that you have inside of you to navigate the world around you. (On display in Nike Soho June 2019)


Cerebral Palsy Foundation's "Design for Disability" (spring 2018)

Mentored by Anna Sui and the Cerebral Palsy Foundation to develop a capsule collection that focused on accessibility and universal design. Each look considered new ways of getting in and out of garments while looking at what fabrics can best meet needs of mobility. It was important to celebrate the uniqueness of each body and highlight parts of the body that were more visible in the seated position. (Images and video provided by the Cerebral Palsy Foundation)

my journey. (spring 2018)

Reflecting on my previous collection where I took inspiration from my mom's strength when she immigrated to America from Nigeria in the 1980's, I focused on how I viewed my Yoruba heritage growing up in America. African culture is often associated with ankara fabric which is often block dyed but I never wore much ankara growing up. Looking at the vibrant colors in Dutch wax prints, I created original digital prints reminiscent of the captivating presence of traditional ankara prints. (Photographed by Jarrod Anderson)


my mom's journey. (fall 2017)

Inspired by my mom's strength when she immigrated to America from Nigeria in the 1980's, I focused on the traditional Yoruba Adire resist dyeing method and reinterpreted it by bleaching denim. This collection focused heavily on developing tactile textiles via quilting, bleaching, distressing, and crocheting. (Photographed by Alexander Mejia)


Enchanted Garden series (2020-present)

When I think of delightful spaces, I imagine the smell of fresh air and vibrant flowers that stop me in my tracks. Dancing birds that flutter from tree to tree, and the feeling of peace and serenity that comes from being centered also come to mind. The Enchanted Garden series reimagines landscapes and explores the beauty of heritage and community through whimsical exploration. In each mixed media collage,  abstract brushstrokes and vibrant color express the importance of honoring one's self, creating a space of love, and inviting a sense of hopeful imagination.

 Enchanted Garden Animated Gif, (Magazine Tear Sheets, Acrylic Paint, Paper) 2022

Pictured L-R, 1. Dressed in Sunshine (2020), 8"x10", Magazine Tear Sheets, Acrylic Paint on Paper 2. Playing Cards (2020), 6"x 8", Magazine Tear Sheet, Acrylic Paint on Paper, 3. Sunlight, Close Up (2023), 16"x 20" (Magazine Tear Sheet, Acrylic Paint, Paper on Canvas) 

Love Lives Here (2023), 6"x 4.25" (Magazine Tear Sheets, Acrylic Paint on Paper) 

MFA Thesis: Sunday Best Fabric Installation (2022)

This fabric installation was inspired by ongoing research on the history of Sunday Best at the Rhode Island School of Design in the MFA Textiles program. The idea of getting dressed up for church on Easter Sunday made me consider how fashion encourages public spaces of performance. Stepping away from the body allowed me to explore how environments are transformed through color and encouraged a reflection on every day moments of serendipity. Pictured is a series of mixed media fabric collages consisting of textured magazine cutouts, colorful flowers, oversized sketchbook drawings, and ripped paper.

Image courtesy of Michael Rose Fine Art, Pictured is the "Sunday Best" Fabric Installation at RISD Graduate Show Exhibition (May 2022) 

The Party of One is Done Art Show (summer 2019)

The Party of One is Done: A Celebration of Identity and Community through Visual Arts and Conversation is the final chapter of my senior thesis. Here, we acknowledge the importance of being able to celebrate yourself but also recognize the value in being part of a community. It's  a way for me to reflect on everything I've learned during my time at Pratt and pay it forward. 

The Party of One is Done group artist exhibition is a celebration of visual arts inspired by the idea of being comfortable celebrating yourself and owning what excites you, challenges you, inspires you, and affirms your space in this world. Simply put, we are reminding ourselves of why we are worthy of being celebrated every single day through our creative outlets. Exhibiting artists include Aliana Grace Bailey, Ashley Sowell, Aziza Frank, Breonna Robinson, Fisayo Quadri, Mariah Williams, and Nikki Moon. Flier Graphic Design by Shelby Rashap. 

The Party of One is Done: A Celebration of Identity and Community on July 12, 2019 at Adams Morgan Community Center

Mini Piñata Keepsakes. (2016-18)

I started creating mini pinata keepsakes from upcycled mailers and care packages in college and to this day the time it takes to hand cut each layer of ring still brings me so much joy. Here are some of the keepsakes that were created--each with crepe paper, mylar, and and an opening to store gifts, candy or encouraging notes to self.


32 Flavors. (2018)

"32 Flavors" Portrait Series, completed in September 2018, was inspired by a research project that I did in my sophomore year at Pratt Institute on the history of Black hair in the fashion industry spanning the past 100 years. As a result, of what I learned, I began to understand why there was a lot of internalized hatred towards Black hair. I wanted to create imagery that I wish existed when I was younger. Maybe then, I would have been more patient with my hair and had an earlier interest in learning about the beauty in protective styling. (9"x12" Acrylic on Canvas) On display at MoCADA House on Governor's Island, August 2019.
Colorful Portrait Series

Works on Paper. (2023)

A selection of observational mixed media portraits and illustrations done in marker, charcoal, graphite, pastel and ink on paper. (sizes vary between 9"x12" and 8.5" x 11"on paper)

Calla Lillies, 2023 (8.5" x 11")

Works on Paper. (2015-2017)

Charcoal PortraitMarker Gesture IllustrationMixed Media Illustration