(Images L-R) Courtesy of Feranmi Quadri, Alex Barcenas and Maria Markulova


LoveOhLou is an interdisciplinary art and design studio by Fisayo Quadri focused on reminding you that you are worth celebrating daily. Inspired by beautiful moments that brighten up each day, we design with color and whimsy in mind. Our goal is to help you experience the joy of honoring your journey through what you wear and how you live.

Growing up as a first-generation Nigerian-American, Fisayo draws inspiration from a desire to make the world a more vibrant and pleasant place. While pursuing her BFA in Fashion at Pratt Institute and MFA in Textiles from the Rhode Island School of Design — she was drawn to create ways to appreciate the simple pleasures in life and discover ways to celebrate herself and her heritage. With an eye for detail and respect for craftsmanship, LoveOhLou embodies the joy of being alive.